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Auto Paint & Repair

Auto Paint & Repair Requests

Tuesday, December, 6th, 2011
"Seva Search Series A Oversubscribed: Raises $1.3 million"

Auto Repair News

Spark plugs play an important role in your car’s engine because they make ignition possible. If there’s something wrong with your spark plugs, the fuel in the cylinders won’t ignite, and your vehicle won’t start. To work properly, spark plugs need to be checked periodically. […]
Engine coolant or radiator fluid is an essential element of your vehicle’s cooling system. Also called antifreeze coolant, it is responsible for cooling your engine while your car is running. During winter, it prevents the engine from freezing if you park it outside. Changing the […]
A car trunk latch that will not release or seems to be stuck is a common problem for car owners, but, fortunately, this is relatively easy to fix. This problem can happen if you don't keep your vehicle inside a garage, allowing the gears or […]
Mobile vehicle repairs give drivers an alternative to taking their car to an auto shop when it breaks down. If you have problems with your vehicle and need to fix them quickly, a mobile mechanic can help you out. This way you don’t have to […]
As a truck driver or truck owner, it’s important to be prepared in case your truck breaks down. If you’re on the road and your truck breaks down, you can call a towing service to take the truck to a repair center specializing in commercial […]

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