Is it Safe to Connect an Extension Cord to a Power Strip

Is it Safe to Connect an Extension Cord to a Power Strip Electricians

Is it safe to connect an extension cord to a power strip?  Power strips and extension cords are commonly used to increase the number of outlets in your home and to shorten the distance between an outlet and an appliance you want to plug in, respectively.  However, the incorrect use of power strips and extension cords can provide high risks in causing overheating and fires in your home.  This article will explain the basics about where, when, and for how long these items should be used.

If you have several appliances that need to be plugged into an electrical outlet (such as having a desk with a computer, lamp, printer, etc), but find that there is no wall outlet nearby, you may have thought of plugging an extension cord into the nearest wall outlet, and then using a power strip to connect to the extension cord, making several new outlets available.

This is an option you can choose, but be aware that in general, the use of extension cords and power strips should usually be for short-term situations as opposed to permanent solutions. In the case above, it might be a better solution to move the desk and any appliances closer to a rooted wall outlet. In addition, when not in use, it is recommended to unplug any cords and turn off any power strips to save electricity and to reduce the risk of sparks and fires.

If you are unsure of whether connecting a power strip to an extension cord is a plausible solution in your particular situation, or if you have experienced any sparking or blowing of fuses, you should contact a professional electrician for help. To locate one near you, try using TalkLocal, a FREE service that will connect you with top-quality, reputable electric contractors in your neighborhood, within minutes. Simply enter in your specific problem, location and availability and TalkLocal will contact multiple specialists who will then call YOU directly, ready to help. 

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