Transfer Turbotax to New Computer

Transfer Turbotax to New Computer Computer Repair

When you get a new computer, the first thing you need to do is move all your important files to the new machine, such as your TurboTax files. You need a flash drive, CD-ROM, or other portable storage device to hold the tax return file. Make sure to backup the file somewhere safe before copying!

Transfer Turbotax to New Computer:

If you use Windows:

1. Click the Start menu button.

2. Type .tax2011 in the Start Search field at the bottom of the menu. As you type, matching files will appear in the Search pane. Replace 2011 with the relevant tax year.

a) Make a note of the file’s location or path. By default, TurboTax saves tax files in the My Documents > TurboTax folder.

c) From the TurboTax File menu, choose Open.

d) Browse for the file’s location on your computer to open it.

If you use a Mac:

1. In the upper-right corner of your desktop, click the Spotlight (looking glass) icon, and then type tax in search field. Search results appear as you type.

a) Tax return files will appear in the Documents section. The default name for tax files is the primary taxpayer’s name followed by the 2-digit tax year.

b) If you don’t see your tax return, click Show All at the top of the list and go to List view. In the Kind column, look for TurboTax…Tax Return.

Now connect the portable device to your new computer, and drag the file into whichever folder you want to hold your TurboTax files in. Don’t click on the file and open TurboTax instead, but first make sure it’s already installed on the new computer. Then from TurboTax, just find your tax return file and open it.

If you’re still having issues finding, transferring, or opening the file, you could always find a local professional immediately on Seva Call to help you.

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