How to get Rid of Maggots in Trash Can

How to get Rid of Maggots in Trash Can Pest Control

You never want to open up a trash can to be surprised by hundreds of crawling, disgusting maggots infesting the area. Not only does trash usually smell bad, but it can also be a daunting task to clean up when you find these fly larvae lurking in your cans.  Here is how to get rid of maggots in trash can if it ever happens to you.

If you discover maggots inside your home, you need to empty out all trash immediately to prevent further infestation. Once you empty out the inside trash cans, you should thoroughly clean and disinfect the receptacles. You can do this by washing out the cans with boiling water and soap/disinfectant to kill off any remaining larvae eggs. Then, use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water to eliminate any odors that attract these insects. Be sure to dry the can out completely and always use a trash can liner to dispose of trash. You may also want to take precautions by disposing of any food waste in smaller plastic bags before throwing in the bigger receptacles to prevent the attracting of flies and other insects while your trash can is filling up.

If you find the maggots in your outside trash cans, you may have to wait until trash day for them to be emptied. After the trash is picked up, complete the same steps as above to clean and disinfect the cans. To get rid of maggots in the trash can and simultaneously prevent future presence, it is very important to fully clean and completely dry out the bins. For your outside cans, let them dry in the sun before re-lining them with trash bags. Maggots thrive in moist conditions, so this step is very important. Again, always use trash bags and, when disposing of food rations, be sure to seal them in smaller bags rather than disposing of them directly into the containers.

If you experience recurring infestations of maggots and/or other insects surrounding your trash, you might want to contact a pest control specialist to help eliminate the problem. Try using TalkLocal to locate one near you. TalkLocal is a free service that will connect you with top-quality, reputable professionals in your neighborhood, within minutes. Simply enter in your problem, location and availability and TalkLocal will contact multiple pest control companies, who will then call YOU directly, ready to help.

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