Car Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

Car Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough Auto Repair

Car Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

Nice, cold air conditioning in your car is definitely a must-have, especially for those 90-degree summer days. Unfortunately, people often complain that their car air conditioner is not as cold as it should be. This summer, if your A/C isn’t up to par, we might be able to help.

Your A/C could be malfunctioning for a number of reasons. The most common problem people encounter is due to an incorrect Freon charge. Freon is the cooling component installed in your car. If the amount of Freon is off by even a couple ounces, this could be your problem. If you’re hearing a clicking noise from inside your car, this could indicate a low Freon charge. If you diagnose this as the problem, be careful trying to fix it on your own; an overcharged Freon level can cause your A/C to malfunction as well.

Another cause to the problem could be that your radiator or condenser is clogged with dust or dirt. Although less common than a Freon problem, this does tend to happen around the beginning of summer. This would cause your A/C temperature to be higher than normal because it would reduce the airflow that passes through the radiator and condenser. This is a problem that gets worse over time, so catching it early is key. To prevent this, try cleaning out your radiator with a pressure washer every so often.

If you’re not very knowledgeable about cars or mechanics, try bringing your car into the dealership you purchased it from. If you no longer have a warranty and your dealer’s rates are too pricey, try using Seva Call. We can connect you to a highly rated local service professional within minutes of submitting your online request. It is a completely free service that will save you time and money.


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