Laptop Mouse Button Stuck

Laptop Mouse Button Stuck Computer Repair

Your laptop travels everywhere with you — to the office, lunch, and everywhere in between. From heavy usage, dirt and debris can build up on your mouse buttons and make them stick. If you find your laptop mouse button stuck, here’s how you can fix it:

Lodged debris

1)   Turn off the laptop and make sure it is not plugged into an electrical outlet.

2)   Spray a can of compressed air along the cracks of the stuck mouse button. Tilt the can at an angle to reach deep into the button crevices.

3)   Run a toothpick lightly along the cracks to dislodge any debris.

4)   Use the compressed air again.

Sticky substance

If you think soda or some sticky substance has caused the button to stick, moisten the bristles of a toothbrush or some thin tool to clean the edges. Do not moisten the toothbrush too much for obvious reasons. Also, be careful not to probe too deeply or else you may damage internal components.

Broken spring mechanism

If the button is still stuck, the problem may not be due to dirt. Instead, the spring mechanism underneath the button may have come out of place. You can take apart your laptop and reset the spring into its holder.

Professional assistance

If you are wary of taking your laptop apart, you can check your warranty for coverage. If it has not expired, contact your manufacturer for repair help. If it has expired, you can use TalkLocal to connect you to a computer repair service to restore your mouse button to its original state. TalkLocal will browse multiple companies and send the most appropriate service providers your way. Within minutes of filing a service request online, you will receive a phone call from a computer repair company that can solve your problem on your schedule. Now that’s customer service!

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