How to Fix Overloaded Circuit

How to Fix Overloaded Circuit Electricians

You know when it happens.  You have too many appliances running at one time, when suddenly, the power shuts off.  An overloaded circuit breaker is easy to point out as the culprit.  But how do you fix the problem?  Luckily it is a pretty simple fix.

How to fix overloaded circuit

1.      Locate your electric circuit panel.  This is typically behind a small metal door located in a dry utility area such as the garage, basement, or laundry room.

2.      Open the metal door and check on the positions of the circuit breaker switches.  All except for one should be in the “on” or “off” positions.  The switch that is stuck in a neutral position belongs to the overloaded circuit.

3.      Flip the overloaded switch to the “off” position.  Wait a few seconds, and then switch it into the “on” position.  This should restore power to the overloaded circuit.

4.      If the circuit quickly shuts off again, you probably have too many appliances on one circuit.  Unplug or turn off some of them before you restart the circuit breaker.

If you continue to notice problems with your electricity you may have a different problem that needs professional help.  Use TalkLocal to find a top-quality electrician in your area today.

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