How To Repair Tree Bark

How To Repair Tree Bark - Tree Removal

If Mother Nature, or a woodland creature, or a meddlesome teenager damages the bark of a tree in your yard, then the tree’s phloem layer, behind the bark of the tree will become damaged as well. When the phloem is damaged, the tree is unable to provide water and nutrients to it’s roots, branches, and leaves. If the phloem layer is left damaged and unprepared for too long the tree will die. This article will help you learn how to repair tree bark, which will enable the phloem layer to heal.

How To Repair Tree Bark

You will need: a  knife, some soap, a sponge, a bucket, measuring tape, and a garden hose.

1. Take your knife and cut off the rough edges of the damaged part of the bark.

2. In your bucket, mix a solution that is 2/3 water and 1/3 soap.

3. Use you sponge to clean the damaged area that you cleared with the soapy solution.

4. Use your hose to rinse the damaged area.

5. Find a healthy branch on the tree that is about two inches wide.

6. Use your measuring tape and your knife to cut a piece of the branch that is three inches longer than the damaged area.

7. Cut one side of the branch, so that it is flat.

8. Trim the ends of the branch, so that they are slanted.

9. Use your knife to cut flaps in the trunk, that start at the edges of the damaged area, but are longer than it. Make sure not to cut in between the flaps.

10. Place the branch inside the flaps, ensuring that it will be held in place by the flaps.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

If the bark does not begin to heal, or you decide you do not want to repair it yourself, you can contact a tree service professional. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three, high-quality tree service professionals in your area that are available when you are.

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