What to do When Windshield Wipers Leave Streaks

What to do When Windshield Wipers Leave Streaks - Auto Glass Repair

We have all had it happen – you’re driving peacefully along and a spring shower bursts from the clouds, inundating your car with a blinding sheet of rain. You turn on your windshield wipers and all you can see are white, smearing streaks, blurring and hampering your vision further. So you peer left and right through the few clean spots, hoping to make it safely home. This is a dangerous situation, not to mention a frustrating one, and most of us don’t even realize that our windshield wipers leave streaks until we are caught in a torrential downpour.

How Does This Happen?

There are a number of common causes that lead windshield wipers to leave streaks, but the vast majority of them are easily fixable. The main reason that windshield wipers function ineffectively is that they are worn and dirty. Windshield wiper blades are made of rubber, and this material can easily wear and warp when exposed to the hot sun and the elements. When this happens, they cannot connect with the glass of the windshield properly, causing them to leave streaks.

In addition, dirt on the wiper blades and on the windshield can turn into a greasy mess when mixed with rainwater. As your wiper blades try to move through the falling moisture, all they end up doing is spreading the dirt and contaminants across the windshield, making it nearly impossible for you to see.

What to Do?

The best way to stop your windshield wipers from leaving streaks is to keep them well maintained. Because they wear out so quickly, it is essential to replace them once per year. Make sure to pick blades that are recommended for your vehicle brand and model, and don’t hesitate to ask for advice at your local auto parts shop. Also take the time to keep your blades and your windshield clean. Use a high-quality windshield cleaner and make sure that your windshield cleaner fluid tank is always full.

Another Possible Cause

The other issue that makes windshield wipers leave streaks is scratches or deformities in the windshield glass. These can be caused by any number of things, including flying gravel from a poorly paved road and debris caught under the wiper blade that scratches against the surface of the glass every time the blade is used. These types of issues do lead to wiper streaks, and the best remedy is to replace the windshield, which once scratched is compromised and prone to breakage.

Need to Replace Your Windshield?

If the issue is with your windshield, you will need to get it repaired. TalkLocal can help connect you with the best auto glass repair professionals in your area. Visit our website today and use our free, online referral service to find the help you need to get your car safely back on the road.

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