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Joining the Festivities in El Paso

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Joining the Festivities in El Paso - Seva Call

El Paso is our fifth stop on our Texas tour. Laying just on the edge of the Rio Grande, El Paso natives are not about to let a little occasional flooding stop them from enjoying all that El Paso has to offer.

Never a Dull Day in El Paso!

El Paso hosts quite a few annual festivals for music, arts, and film. There’s the Neon Desert Music Festival, Texas Showdown Festival, Plaza Classic Film Festival, Sun City Music Festival, and the El Paso Downtown Street Festival.

Of course, you want to be able to hit up all these amazing events, but occasionally annoying service repair jobs get in the way. You’ve gotta fix up your car, repair that cracked window pane on the second floor, or rewire your basement lights.

The last thing you want to do is miss the single day of Neon Desert Music Festival to fix these problems! You want to get it done and you want to get it done fast.

Get the Help You Need, When You Need It

Well, Seva Call is the fastest, easiest way to get connected to a local service professional to do the job for you. Check out this quick video to see just what we do.

Seva Call works like this: When you go online to, we’ll ask you to put in a few simple details about your service job, your location, and your availability. We will take this information and find the most compatible service professional in your area. Then, we will put you directly on the phone with them. It takes just 90 seconds and saves you from searching online and staying on the phone with unreliable companies.

We will only connect you to the best professionals who we review based on a variety of quality metrics. We won’t reveal any contact information to these companies in order to protect you from telemarketers and spam.

So, El Paso? How does that sound? Ready to start the party with Seva Call?

Keeping It Weird in Austin

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Keeping It Weird in Austin - Seva Call

Austin is known in for being the Texan hub of live music and creative arts, individual self-expression of any means, fierce environmentalism, and subcultures ranging from the eclectic to the downright weird. The city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, and they are succeeding!

Bringing More Weird to Austin

This is exactly why Seva Call is pumped to be in the Texas capitol. Now, personally, all of us at Seva Call like to think of ourselves as innovative, but some people frankly find us weird. We are personalizing the way people find local professional services to an individualized level.

Don’t believe us? See how we do it with this quick video.

At Seva Call, we don’t use the conventional service search method – reading customer review after customer review and calling company after company. Instead, when you give us a call or go online to looking for a plumber, handyman, or even a massage therapist, you will speak directly with one of our service representatives who will gather all the necessary details of your request.

Then, he or she will find the most compatible local professional based on the details of your job, location, and availability. In around 90 seconds, you will receive a call from your Seva Call representative telling you that we’ve got a company on the other line who would be happy to do the job for you.

Most individuals who use Seva Call end up doing work with the first company we put them on the phone with, but if you’d like to speak with a second or third company, we’d be happy to connect you to them as well.

Austinites won’t find a more individualized service anywhere else. So check us out, and save a call with Seva Call.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Now, kiss me! I’m ________!

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Written by Dallea CaldwellHappy St. Patrick's Day! Now, kiss me! I’m ________! - Seva Call

American-Irish dual citizen with the first name Seamus, the last name McKierman, and the middle name Eion refuses to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. McKierman, whose father founded the Irish American Cultural Institute, views the Americanized holiday as “a celebration of cartoonish symbols of Irish culture”.

Granted, he’s blatantly correct. In fact, St, Patrick himself would have found the celebration appalling.

Green is Beautiful

Yet, in defense of an often debaucherous and silly past-time, there’s also something beautiful and admirable at work here- something that if emulated, could really bring people together.

St. Patrick’s day is a day when there is no creed but luck, no class but sainthood, and no color but green. And, of course, no matter where we come from individually… together, just this once, we’re all Irish.

We’re Irish because of the contributions Irish people and culture have made to American culture and history. List Charles Carroll,  Andrew Jackson, and Ronald Reagan to name a few American heroes of Irish descent. And, sure, we  revel in stereotypes- but, in the good-natured way a family may tease its gregarious uncle or the way self-deprecating humor makes us like ourselves even more somehow.

Giddy With Pride

At bottom, St. Patrick’s day, for all is buffoonery, is really about reaffirming the forgotten heritage of so many Americans whose immigrant forefathers sacrificed their language and culture to gain full and equal citizenship in a country which once maligned them. It’s also about acknowledging the powerful influence that culture has had on every American’s life.

We’re proud, finally, because the days when Irish immigrants were a stigmatized second class have long ended, granting us the freedom to be proud of the Irish blood that runs quietly through many of our veins and inconspicuously through what it means to be American. We’re loud because the elation inherent in the new-found freedom to be yourself tends to do that to people.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Imagine waking up for the first time to a world where you can say “Kiss me, this is who I am” and be received, for the first time, with high-fives and air kisses, let alone open arms. Imagine waking up to a world where that’s everyone’s new normal.

“Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” “Kiss me, I’m Muslim!” “Kiss me, I’m Punjabi!” “Kiss me, I’m Asian!” “Kiss me, I’m Black!”

Seva Call wishes you a Happy St. Patty’s Day and hopes you get big, fat kisses just the way you are!

Hitting Up Dallas-Fort Worth!

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Well, Seva Man’s great tour of Texas is rolling along, and he’s downright giddy about the next stop on his tour of the Lone Star State: Dallas and Fort Worth are the third stops on our Texas Tour, and it looks like we came around at a great time!

We can’t thank only Dallas and Fort Worth for the wonderful hospitality. There are a handful of other wonderful cities in the Texan metropolitan area that Seva Man is also excited to visit.




Seva Man is now pleased to announce that Seva Call is now available to service all of these locations. You can catch a glimpse of what Seva Call is all about with this quick video.

When looking for local service professionals, Dallas locals can check out Seva Call, a free service that finds that plumber, roofer, or handyman and puts you directly on the phone with them.

If you give us the basic details about your service job, your location, and available times, Seva Call will take this information and find the most compatible service professional to do the job.

No more searching online. No more calling companies only to be told they can’t do the job or don’t service your area. We use a variety of quality assurance metrics to locate the best man or woman for the job. We keep your contact information private, and if you’re unhappy with the professional we find for you, we’ll gladly connect you with a second or third option so that you can compare and choose the best fit for you.

So, Dallas, next time you’re in trouble and its keeping you from the best state fair in the U.S., give us a call or go online to

Techtify: 5 Apps to Boost Productivity

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Scarlett Johansson could probably prescreen and ghostwrite your email correspondence, read your text messages aloud, and organize your life’s work into a marketable anthology. But, you can’t afford “Her”.

Nor can your social life afford the still-taboo choice to make Siri your next wedding date. Still, the technology you hold in the palm of your hand can actually make a big impact on your ability to handle your many competing responsibilities.

Here are 5 of the Best Apps to Boost Productivity

Techtify: 5 Apps to Boost Productivity - Seva Call

Any.Do: Here’s one app designed to help you take on your to-do list one day at a time. Begin each day by deciding which tasks to complete, defer, or delegate with Any.Do.Moment while seeing what’s already on your itinerary for the day with Any.Do.Cal.

Sociidot: Do you find yourself clearing a to-do list when you really want to build and legacy and leave your mark? Sociidot sets itself apart by recognizing the difference. This app lets you set long-term goals and break them into smaller achievable chunks- just like they taught you in middle school. Need a little direction? Sociidot offers expert “Roadmaps” for $1.99-$5.99.

RescueTime: Do you look up exhausted at the end of the day and realize you’ve accomplished nothing? Rescuetime runs in the background and monitors your computer use so you can discover exactly which website is responsible for the epic time-suck. Then, you can block or limit allowable time spent on those wasteful websites to help keep you on track.

Carrot: Ever wish you could hire your high-school gym teacher to push and insult you into the most productive shape of your life? Then Carrot is your new best friend/worst enemy. The app is designed to entertame you into submission through annoying and persistent alerts or even public shaming “Would you to confess your laziness to all your social media friends?”. But, it’s not all stick. Completing tasks earns you points that can be applied to rewards like jokes and stories.

Focus@Will: Bandwidth can expand your attention span. That’s why the people behind Focus@Will teamed up with neuroscientists at UCLA to build the most effective motivational, yet non-distracting musical playlist. Its website claims to boost attention span by 400%.

Boost Your Productivity!

So, sure… the actual drudgery of accomplishing goals is nowhere near as satisfying as binding on Netflix and Skittles. But, doing something today that your future self will thank you for is far more fulfilling.

And… if finding a local service provider (like an accountant, car-repairman, or HVAC pro) is on your to-do list, then check it off your list with Seva Call ( The virtual concierge takes you from search for to conversing with a top-rated local pro who matches your needs and schedule in about 90 seconds.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Conspiracy by the Hallmark and Candy Industry?

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Isn’t it ironic that the same people who claim not to “need a holiday to show people that they care” are the very ones who, without a romantic bone in their body, never manage to do so any other day of the year?

I mean, we don’t need a holiday to eat turkey and apple pie, but where are the complaints about that?

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sure, romantic gestures and affectionate words are hollow when not matched by acts of love and fidelity. But, dismissing a holiday dedicated entirely to romantic gestures and affectionate words makes it seem as if people don’t need these things to feel cared for and appreciated. Newsflash: of course, they do!

Communication, a system of gestures and words, evolved because it’s the only way for people to understand how others feel- short of mind-reading.

Still, many people feel justified in ignoring this most glaringly opportune moment to show show appreciation for loved ones, which begs the question: How many other less obvious moments do they let pass them by?

At bottom, discarding Valentine’s Day as just a so-called ploy by Hallmark and the candy and flower industries is no better an excuse than “I was tired”, “I was busy”, or “I had a lot on my plate”.

Placing love on the back-burner is never justified. But now, when the whole world (and yes, it’s corporations too) are agreeing to collectively place love #1 on everyone’s to-do list for once, ignoring that call is down-right unconscionable.

The day after Valentine’s Day is no more promised to us than any other day of the year.

So, even if…

- Expectations and pressures are higher than red pumps

- Pink and red marketing campaigns bombard you earlier every year

- You feel like a bull wearing rose colored glasses

- The compulsory nature better suits filing taxes than sharing a moment of profound warmth and connection

… set aside time to celebrate love and your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, and promise to spend the rest of your year celebrating in various ways as well. This Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any.

And, if V-Day is the perfect excuse for a couple’s massage, a limousine ride, or something else special, go to to make your Valentine’s Day planning experience something else to love.

Houston, Seva Call has Landed!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Heeeeeeelllllllloooooooo, Houston!

Seva Man is taking his first ever Texas Tour. During the next few weeks, Seva Man will be hitting up thirteen lucky cities in the state where everything’s bigger and better. From San Antonio to Dallas, from Lubbock to Corpus Christi, it’s a cross-state road trip to share the word about Seva Call.

First stop: you guessed it, Houston!

There are a lot of cool things about Houston. Like the fact that its home to Mission Control for NASA. (Hence the ever famous line “Houston, we have liftoff”). It’s also the 4th largest city in the U.S (because everything really is bigger in Texas) and has one of the most beautiful skylines Seva Man has ever had the opportunity to fly over.

Well, Houston, Seva Call has just landed in Texas, and we’re getting bigger and better everyday.

Check out this video to see who we are and what we do.

When looking for one of over 13,200 service professionals in Houston, you want to find the right company the first time. Seva Call’s innovative algorithm aggregates social media popularity, online reviews, and call ratings; calculates the results, and plucks out the best service companies in the Houston area.

When you go to and put in the details of your service request, we will connect you with these top-rated professionals to do the job when and where you want it done. It’s a completely free service to you, and we will connect you using a specialized phone line to protect your contact information from spammers and telemarketers.

Seva Call is THE mission control for local service professionals. You can trust us for safe take-off starting off any new project.

Never a Slow Day in San Antonio

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Well, it’s officially our first stop on Seva Call’s Texas Tour, and so Seva Man has been chillin’ in San Antonio.

Actually, he hasn’t been chillin’ at all. There’s so much to do! So much to see! The culture, the arts, the restaurants, the sight-seeing. Seva Man hasn’t had a chance to rest his feet.

There are over 200 awe-inspiring attractions to keep you entertained. You can take a stroll along the beautiful River Walk, visit a truckload of art museums including the San Antonio Art Museum and the McNay Art Museum, or check out a host of traditional and annual events including a huge Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Texas Folklife Festival and the Fiesta de la Luminarias.

When Life has You Too Busy…

As residents of this amazing city, you barely have time to do everything San Antonio has to offer to begin with. But, when there’s a kink in your plans, the last thing you want to do is spend hours online and on the phone searching for a service professional to do the job when you want.

That’s where Seva Call comes in handy.

When a car tire goes flat, or your sink springs a leak, you no longer have to spend time searching for a reliable service professional. Seva Call will do the searching for you. See how with this quick video.

Seva Call will use a variety of consumer quality metrics to find the most reliable service professionals based on the needs of your job, your location, and your availability. After we gather all the data and find the right local professional for the job, we will put you directly on the phone with them and monitor the call for tip-top quality. We also always promise to protect your contact information from spammers and telemarketers.

So, San Antonio, got a busy week ahead of you? Take 10 seconds to check out Seva Call, and we’ll find you a professional in 90 seconds.

Setting High Expectations in Baton Rouge

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Setting High Expectations in Baton Rouge - Seva Call

Anyone who speaks French will know that Baton Rouge (or le baton rouge) roughly translates to “the red stick”. Baton Rouge got its name in 1699 when a French explorer was exploring the Mississippi and saw a reddish cypress pole that marked the boundary between two different Native American Tribes.

Baton Rouge has come a long way since then. It’s now the capital city of Louisiana, a major port city on the coast of one of the longest rivers in the world, and has a strong economy which has it ranked as one of the “Best Places for Young Adults”.

High Expectations in Baton Rouge

As the state capitol with the tallest capitol building in the U.S., Baton Rouge residents have sky-scraping expectations for its local service professionals.

And, they very well should.

When searching for a roofer, plumber, or auto mechanic, you deserve the best service available. But, you don’t have time to waste searching online and talking to sham companies on the phone just so that they can tell you they can’t do your job or don’t service your area.

Now there’s Seva Call. Watch this video to see how Seva Call can connect you with the best service professionals in Baton Rouge.

Find the Right Professionals

Next time you’re in trouble, go online or give us a call. Tell us the problem – leaky roof, leaky pipes, leaky exhaust – and we will find the top-rated professional to do the job at your utmost convenience. Whether you need the job done in the next few hours or the next few days, we guarantee we can put you on the phone with a professional in minutes.

It’s fast, easy, convenient, and completely free. No more paying to read customer reviews, no subscription fees, and no reason for companies to hike up prices!

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Here’s when today’s new/now/next obsessed culture gets a little insane: when tech-heads go gaga over launches that haven’t even happened yet or stop traffic over so-called disruptive technologies few people even know about. It’s like placing bets on who will win the playoffs during the NFL off-season, before the draft.

Still, since what we know of the universe is only 10% information and 100% speculation, what’s so wrong about getting all worked up with perspiration from an exercise in anticipation?

Here are 5 early-stage, cool startups that seem to push the definition of what’s possible and seem mind-blowingly and/or world-changingly cool.

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started - Seva Call

What it is: HelpAround, a crowdsourcing tool to aid chronic illness sufferers

Launch Date: June 2013

Founders: Yishai Knobel and Shlomi Aflalo

Status: Currently raising

Why it’s cool: Online data collection has literally reached a point where Target knows more about my boyfriend than I do. And, it’s a shame that more research goes into your shopping preferences than finding a cure for leukemia or solving the debt crisis. But, HelpAround co-founder Shlomi Aflalo is using ad-targeting technology for good.

The location-based app data-mines the web to find fellow sufferers and caregivers nearby to form an instant support network for people with chronic conditions. The biggest pay-off is a potential reduction in emergency room visits and other hassles associated with meeting routine urgent care needs.

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started - Seva Call

What it is: Outbox, your snail-mail… digitized

Launch Date: February 2013

Founders: Evan Baehr,  Jason Seriff, and Will Davis

Status: Oversubscribed series A (July 2013)

Why it’s cool: As a member of the Seva Call team where online search meets offline connects, I really dig Outbox’s seamless union of real and virtual reality. Three times weekly, Outbox takes your snail-mail, which you normally lose or improperly discard anyway, and scans it to become view-able and organized via your iOS device. Never lose an invite, bill, or payment stub again

Vetted staff people upload your mail to your profile and then shred documents automatically- leaving scammers fewer opportunities to find personally identifiable information strewn thoughtlessly in the trash. Users can even request original copies of the mail they want in-hand, such as concert tickets or fancy ribbon-tied wedding invitations with adorable save-the-date refrigerator magnets included. Folks outside Austin and San Francisco, however, will have to settle for the old basket storage method while Outbox gradually takes over the world.

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started - Seva Call

What it is: CamFind, an image-based online search engine

Founders: Dominik Mazur and Bradford Folkens

Launch Date: April 2013

Status: Currently raising

Why it’s cool: They say a picture says a thousand words, but with CamFind, a picture is worth a million search engine results as well. Snap a pic of any object via an iOS device, and search the image to gain information about the object, (eg: definitions, related images, and even price comparisons).

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started - Seva Call

What it is: Casetext, a Wikipedia for expert explanations of legislation around the world

Launch Date: TBA

Founder: Jake Heller

Status: Currently raising

Why it’s cool: An informed public is essential to a healthy democracy — and, it’s also essential to any unhealthy and near-death authoritarian regime. So score one for the  ’merican way when the free market births a database that crowdsources legal experts for simple explanations of laws all over the world. Plus, with the money law-firms will save when they no longer have to build multi-million dollar legal databases, it may bring legal costs down enough that you can post bail… hypothetically speaking, of course.

Techtify: 5 Cool Startups Barely Getting Started - Seva Call

What it is: uBiome, big data fact-finder for bodily flora

Launch Date: November 2012

Founders: Jessica Richman and Zachary Apte

Status: Currently raising

Why it’s cool: Although not an app or website, this is the greatest venture since the Human Genome Project, and it raised $200,000 on IndieGoGo. Plus, we can’t think of a nerdier path to self-discovery than paying $89 to have a scientist tell us all about ourselves. [By “we” I don’t mean Seva Call, you and I, or the royal we. I mean “we” meaning the multitude of bacterial life inhabiting my body and helping me digest food, fight disease, and (according to new research) have this shining personality.]

Participants use the uBiome kit to send samples of bacteria from their nostril, mouth, ear, and even certain unmentionables to the laboratory. In return, participants get information about their bacterial population and how to best take care of a body with a bacterial profile just like theirs. Plus, they get to use their bodies to advance science without the risk of having their brains pickling away in some creepy laboratory jar.

It’s an exciting new year, and I have no words to express my excitement and optimism over the kind of tomorrow which is already in the making. Fortunately, Arthur O’Shaughnessy has expressive words enough for all of us:

“With wonderful deathless ditties, we build up the world’s great cities, and out of a fabulous story we fashion an empire’s glory….A wondrous thing of our dreaming– unearthly, impossible seeming. The soldier, the king, and the peasant are working together in one till our dream shall become their present, and their work in the world be done.”

- Arthur O’Shaughnessy