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Saturday, November, 28th, 2015

Computer Repair News

We?ve all been there; your old computer just wasn?t cutting it and you?ve decided to upgrade to a new laptop, tablet, or some sick hybrid of both with Windows 8 installed. The only problem is you?re having trouble installing drivers and it?s keeping you from […]
If there?s one sure thing in life, it?s that accidents happen. You know you should buy insurance to protect the important things, like your healthcare, your car, your house, etc?but insurance can also protect you from the less-serious hassles in life, like when your past-warranty […]
A common issue that many Windows 8 users are experiencing is the missing icon of the optical drive. According to reports, Windows 8 fails to recognize the DVD drive after the operating system has been installed or upgraded from Windows 7. As a result, Windows […]
It can be really frustrating when your computer fails to detect your existing hardware and you're quite sure you have the device installed. With Windows 8 users, unfortunately, the Windows 8 DVD Drive not being recognized is a common issue, but no one really knows […]
The label "refurbished" quickly conjures images of defective products. However, this is not always the case with many factory refurbished electronics. A product can be labeled "refurbished" for various reasons. A customer may simply return the product unopened, and it could end up being offered […]

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