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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Seva Call?
    When you need a service, what’s your plan? Most people call a bunch of different service providers until they find one that’s right for them. Using Seva Call you enter your problem, location, and the time you would like to be serviced. In minutes you’ll get a call from a service provider who knows your problem and wants to fix it at the time you requested.
  2. How can Seva Call help me?
    Seva Call is a time saving tool that lets you choose companies within a specific category, choose when you want the service, and then makes the calls for you! Think of us as your very own “Concierge Service.”
  3. Is there a fee I have to pay to use Seva Call?
    No, Seva Call is a free service for consumers.
  4. Does Seva Call ensure my privacy?
    Absolutely! The corporate philosophy of Seva Call firmly believes in consumer privacy and NEVER shares contact information. Companies are able to hear service request details such as location, description, and availability. All communication between companies and consumers is bridged by the Seva Call platform so they are never able to obtain your contact information unless you volunteer the information.
  5. How soon can I expect a call?
    Normally within a few minutes. Seva Call begins calling companies with your request within seconds of your submission.
  6. How many companies will call me?
    No more than three.
  7. Why does the category of service I am searching for not appear in the list?
    We are currently focusing on the industries listed on our homepage.
    Reminder: Seva Call is constantly updating its list of service categories and companies in your local area. However, given the broad range of service categories that exist, we may not be able to accommodate the category you are searching for at this time. Please use the Contact Us page to request a new service category. It would be our pleasure to satisfy your request.
  8. Why does my search not return any calls?
    A few likely reasons:


    The request you submitted may have been outside of normal business hours for the companies. Although, you can submit a request at anytime many companies may not answer the phones at night or on parts of the weekend. This could result in you not receiving a prompt response. Try submitting your request during normal business hours.
    There may not be enough companies in our system for the selected category and location. We are currently working to add more service professionals across all major cities in the United States for all categories. You can notify us at
    Or some other reason. Contact us at 1.877.987.SEVA and we will try to assist you.
  9. Can I search for a specific company through Seva Call?
    Seva Call is designed to match your service request with the highest quality compatible businesses that provide those services in your local area. Because of this, you do not need to search for a specific company
  10. How will I know which companies have already been contacted?
    While the Seva Call platform is calling companies, you can look at the “Seva Call Activity Map” for a live status update of every call.
  11. Can I submit a service request at night and still expect to receive a prompt response?
    Yes, you can submit a request at anytime. Please note that many companies may not answer the phones at night or on parts of the weekend so you may not receive a prompt response. If you do submit the request during night hours, Seva Call may prompt you to schedule your request for the future. In this case, you can schedule to speak to a company within the next 3 days or immediately.
  12. What if I don't receive a response from a company?
    You can contact us at 877.987.SEVA and we will try to find you a company that can help you with the service you need.
  13. What if I choose not to work with any of the companies that I speak to?
    You can contact us at 877.987.SEVA and we will try to find you a company that can help you with the service you need.
  14. Where and when can I submit a review and/or a rating for a company?
    Reviews are an integral part of Seva Call, and it is very important for us that you submit them. If you enjoyed the service, why not let others know about how great the company was? You can submit a review right after your you've had a conversation and also after completing the service. You will receive an e-mail link to our review form once your service request is complete.
  15. Is Seva Call responsible for any unsatisfactory service?
    Seva Call is not responsible for any unsatisfactory services performed by a matched company. Seva Call is only responsible for connecting consumers to companies. Seva Call has no involvement and/or legal responsibility for the terms, conditions, and outcomes of any services rendered.
  16. Internet access is not readily available to me. Are there other ways of using Seva Call’s service?
    Seva Call offers a toll-free number where consumers can make a request. Dial 1-877-987-SEVA to put in a request. Additionally, Seva Call will also be releasing an iPhone and Android app in the near future.
  17. Where did the name Seva Call come from?
    We chose the name Seva Call because we “save-a-call” for you. Actually, we end up saving you many calls in most cases!
    "Seva" comes from the Sanskrit language meaning service. In addition, "Seva" refers to selfless service and giving back to the community which our team strongly believes in.