How Often to Repaint Interior Walls

How Often to Repaint Interior Walls Painters

How often to repaint interior walls depends on the quality of paint and the wear and tear of the particular room.  In general, you should expect a good quality job done by a professional paint crew under good conditions to last from 7 to 10 years.  However, many factors can cause paint jobs to decrease their longevity and lose their luster.

Quality of Paint

The most influential factor that determines how long your interior paint job will last is the quality of paint used.  There are many types of interior paint and features, such as the degree of splatter, the abrasion resistance, and volatile organic compounds.  The more expensive paints will usually have more abrasion resistance and little splatter, which makes both application easier and the lifetime longer. Ultimately, the quality of paint and therefore the lifetime of the paint job will depend on your price point and how much you’re willing to spend.


The nicotine in cigarette smoke is extremely difficult to remove because porous surfaces such as walls and ceilings easily absorb the chemical.  Furthermore, nicotine is actually water-soluble so it can bleed through latex paint and penetrate into the woodwork beneath it.  Likewise, a fireplace used on a regular basis or without a properly functioning dampener will release smoke into the room.  Any type of smoke will dull and stain the paint job, effectively decreasing the longevity of the paint job.

Amount of Traffic

The amount of traffic that a room will have a strong influence on the longevity as well, since high traffic rooms will have greater chances for abrasions and paint chipping.  Higher quality paints will be able to resist higher levels of abrasion, which is especially important for children’s rooms and playrooms.

Each home will have different conditions and as a result, the amount of time before you need to repaint the interior of your home can vary drastically.  The most effective way to figure out how often you need to repaint your home is to call in professional painters to evaluate your current situation and give you a precise answer.  TalkLocal can make this extremely easy, allowing you to quickly and easily connect to high quality local painters and professionals in a flash.

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