Child Lock Stuck on Car Door

Child Lock Stuck on Car Door Auto Repair

Child safety locks are put in cars in order to keep small children from opening car doors while you are driving.  This is a good safety precaution; however, if you accidentally get the child safety locks stuck, you will not be able to open the door from the inside or outside, which is a little bit of a problem. This article will help you figure out how to fix a child lock stuck on a car door.

One thing you can do is first look at the other door and figure out where the trigger for the child safety lock is. Once you know where it is on the other door, you should be able to figure out where it is on the door that is stuck. Then, take thin piece of stiff plastic (i.e. a ruler) and put it through the space between the body and the door from inside; try to slide it until you trigger the child lock off. This is a little difficult to do and it may take a few tries to succeed.

If you cannot trigger the child safety lock off with a piece of plastic, you may have to try a “slim jim.” Take a flathead screw driver and shimmy it into either side of the slits where the door handle goes into the door. Try to shimmy it up enough so that you can trigger the child safety lock off.

If neither of these methods work, you can try removing your car door, so that you can operate the latch directly. Or, you can contact an auto repair professional to help you out. With the help of Seva Call, you can receive up to three phone calls in minutes form high quality local auto repair professionals that are available when you are.

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  1. eoin says:

    Good idea but my childlock is key activated ruler or hard plastic won’t do I need to insert key or flat screwdriver and twist to unlock childlock .

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