Pros And Cons Of Turf Fields

Pros And Cons Of Turf Fields - Gyms and Fitness

When playing sports games or just trying to get some outdoor exercise, you might find that different fields offer different benefits. Grass fields and turf fields are very different. Check out the pros and cons of turf fields to help you decide what kind of field investment you may want to make.

Pros Of Turf Fields:

– Over time, turf is cheaper than grass, which could help with your personal budget. There is a large, one-time installation fee when you first get your turf field, but it’s much cheaper to maintain. Turf doesn’t die over the winter and it is typically safe from abuse by wild animals and birds, unlike grass. Grass also requires trimming, chalking, pesticides, etc. Although turf does require watering and aerating, the maintenance here is much cheaper than with grass.

– Turf is safer than grass. Grass fields develop knots and puddles in inclement weather, which makes tripping a big risk. Turf fields don’t have this problem, which makes running outside, or on a turf track, much safer.

– Turf can be used indoors or outdoors, whereas grass cannot thrive indoors.

Cons Of Turf Fields:

– Turf fields do soak up heat like a sponge soaks up water. In some cases, turf fields have grown to be more than 30 degrees above the actual temperature. This can cause risk of heat stroke and dehydration, which is important to consider.

– Choosing turf instead of grass does remove a naturally occurring plant from the environment. Although this is not drastically harmful to the environment, it should be noted.

– The light, airy structure of turf might affect the way an athlete plays differently than grass, which is what he or she is probably used to. When playing on turf, an athlete would also want to train on turf to insure he or she knows what to expect during the game.

No matter what you choose after analyzing the pros and cons of turf fields, you’ll need to budget if you plan to build a new field at all.

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