May Is National Recommitment Month (So We’re Giving You a Not-So Friendly Reminder)

Written by Dallea CaldwellMay Is National Recommitment Month (So We’re Giving You a Not-So Friendly Reminder) - Seva Call

Ever since the universe cancelled the Mayan armageddon last year, everyone has been a little too comfortable with forgetting about their New Year’s Resolutions. People have been going around thinking that they have all the time in the world to quit that bad habit, do that thing they’ve been putting off, lose those pounds, and generally do everything possible to ensure that 2013 will be just another faded blur of missed opportunities, broken promises, and regret.

But that’s in the past now that we at Talk Local have just reminded you that May is National Recommitment Month, and have endeavored to guilt you into recalling and recommitting to all those goals you set for yourself. We’re recognizing your awesome potential too do great things, if only you weren’t bumming around instead of hitting the gym, applying for those new jobs, studying for that test, and generally being all the awesome you can be. Not feeling guilty yet, you big bag of wasted talent?

Well, what if we pointed out that tomorrow is not promised, but is likely to show up with grey hairs, arthritis, and a bunch of grandkids who will look at you with big doe eyes and ask you “Can I really do anything I put my mind to?” and expect you to smile reassuringly and tell them the story of your regret-free life? What if we mentioned that you’d have to tell them this from your death-bed?

That’s right. Get scared. Get angry. But, by all means get up, get back on the wagon, and get going! Time has gotten away from you and you’ve got less than 6 months to catch up. There’s no time but the present if you want to make 2013 count.

And remember… Don’t put off carpe diem what you can take by the full monty before they’ve hatched where your mouth is… Whatever that means.

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