Is Borax Dangerous To Pets?

Is Borax Dangerous To Pets? - Maid Services

Borax is a common ingredient in many pesticides, weed killers, and flea treatments. Borax has many uses, and pets are often exposed to the chemical. So, is Borax dangerous to pets?

Borax is indeed dangerous to pets if ingested. Because the chemical is an ingredient in so many products, pets can easily ingest it. If you have pets, avoid using these products if they contain Borax.

Flea Treatments

Because Borax is such a strong chemical, it is often used in pet flea treatments. Most flea treatments are applied to the back of the neck where pets cannot reach to lick. Many pets are able to get their legs behind their necks to scratch.

If a pet gets the Borax on its paws and then licks its paws, it will be ingesting the chemical. Pets often lick each other and can ingest Borax this way as well. To protect your pets completely, avoid using flea treatments that contain Borax or Boric Acid.

Weed Killers

Pets that are allowed to roam free in a yard could be at risk for Borax poisoning. If you use weed killers which contain Borax, your pets could lick the plants and ingest the chemical.

It could also be ingested by small animals such as birds, mice, and insects. If your pets eat any of these animals, the Borax could be passed to them.


Borax is the main ingredient in most pesticides. Since pesticides are sprayed on plants which your pets could eat, the chemical could easily be ingested. Even if your pet does not eat the plant itself, it could eat the insects that have already been exposed to the pesticide.

Many people wonder, “Is Borax dangerous to pets?” and the truth is yes. Borax is a very strong chemical that can harm pets and even humans if ingested in large enough doses. Use products that do not contain this chemical if you want to ensure that your pets are not accidentally poisoned.

If You Suspect Your Pet Ingested Borax…

Anytime you feel your pet might be sick, contact your veterinarian. If you do not have one, you can easily find qualified help through TalkLocal. Based on the information you give us, we will only connect you with vets that can help you in your specific situation. After all, in times of pet emergencies, there is generally little time to spare.

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