Essential House Painting Tools for Exterior Paint Jobs

Essential House Painting Tools for Exterior Paint Jobs - Painters

Even with a great color scheme in mind for your home makeover, you can’t start any paint project without the right house painting tools. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor if you make sure to have all of these house painting tools ready before you begin painting your home exterior:

– Exterior painter’s tape to protect areas that are already painted and for professional-looking paint lines.

– Scraper or putty knife to remove peeling or cracked paint.

– Wire brush or steel wool to remove mineral salts leaching out of masonry and stucco.

– Sandpaper to get rid of surface defects. Make sure to get the right one for the specific surface you’ll be working on.

– Spray gun to paint the largest exterior surfaces most efficiently.

– Paintbrushes to apply the paint. Polyester blended and nylon paintbrushes are perfect to use with latex paints. For oil-based paints, varnishes and other coatings, go for a natural China bristle paintbrush. Choose the right size of brush: 4- or 5-inch for large spaces, 2 ½- or 3-inch for trimmings and corners, 1- or 2-inch for touchups, and detailing.

– Paint roller and roller covers to paint large and flat areas quickly. You can use rollers to apply latex or oil-based paint, and they work well with both gloss and semi-gloss paint. You can get the standard 9-inch roller, but 14- and 18-inch rollers will make painting larger, flat areas much quicker. Use a 7- or 4-inch roller for tighter areas such as around windows.

– Screw-on extension pole to extend your reach so you can paint ceilings and the top of walls.

– Paint tray to hold your paint when using a roller. Also, buy disposable liners for the tray so you don’t have to clean it up.

Other Useful House Painting Tools to Have

For sure, when you shop for house painting tools, you’ll see many other devices for all sorts of painting jobs. In addition to the above list, you may want to add the following tools below. They’re not exactly essentials, but they would make the job much easier.

– Paint pouring attachment: This is a clever plastic attachment that you clip onto the top of a regular gallon of paint to eliminate mess when you’re pouring paint to refill the paint tray. It’s very easy to clean and very cheap.

– Paint pail: With this in hand, you don’t have to keep on stepping down your stool to refill your paintbrush.

– Door hinge covers: If you’re painting your door, this will save you a lot of time. It eliminates the need to mask off the door hinges or remove the door.

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